These 15 Moments Of SEVENTEEN S.Coups’ Leadership Reveal His Selfless And Steadfast Personality

The only thing stronger than S.Coups is his love for SEVENTEEN.

Being the leader out of thirteen people is never easy, but SEVENTEEN‘s S.Coups takes on the challenge with a joyful heart. While he can seem scary, S.Coups is a huge softie for his members and CARATs and gives his all to make sure they’re well taken care of. These 15 moments prove that S.Coups is the irreplaceable leader of SEVENTEEN who deserves all the gratitude and love in the world.

1. S.Coups is SEVENTEEN’s most precious person.

2. As SEVENTEEN’s leader, S.Coups takes care of everyone, including their beloved CARATs.

3. While he adores CARATs, safety and respect always come first.


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4. S.Coups takes care of the smallest details.

5. He’s not afraid to challenge those who fail to protect his members.


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6. S.Coups makes sure that CARATs stay safe and warm.

7. S.Coups comes to the rescue any time his members need help.


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8. His eyes overflow with honey and love when he looks at his members.

9. SEVENTEEN is S.Coups’ home.


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10. S.Coups is willing to do anything for his members.

11. S.Coups wants every CARAT to enjoy their time together, even when they’re far away.



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12. S.Coups is full just watching his members eat happily.

13. His heart is so selfless and kind.


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14. “The members are more important to me than the agency is.”

15. S.Coups is the sweetest older brother SEVENTEEN could ask for.


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