10 Times That SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Proved He’s Total Boyfriend Material

Your day would always be brighter with this cutie around!

We’re getting close to finishing up the ongoing SEVENTEEN boyfriend material series, and next up on the list is Seungkwan! Not only is this idol a phenomenal vocalist and performer, but he’s just all-around a sweetie and absolutely hilarious as well, and anyone would be lucky to be close to him. Here are 10 reasons that he totally fits the boyfriend material status!

1. He’s never afraid to show off his goofy side!

2. Who could ever get tired of being on the receiving end of this smile?

3. You would never have to worry about being bored around this hilarious entertainer!

4. There would be delicious food dates galore.

5. You would be blessed to listen to his beautiful singing on a regular basis!

6. Honestly, his style in and of itself just screams boyfriend material.

7. You could make so many memories together on the beaches of Jeju Island.

8. Who wouldn’t squeal over receiving such cute selfies?

9. You would never know what kind of date to expect with him, except that it would be fun!

10. Even though he’s silly and makes people laugh, Seungkwan is also very thoughtful, kind, and wise as well.