10 Times SEVENTEEN Proved There’s No Off Button For Their Synchronization

Are we sure they’re not robots?

Synchronization is key to any group dance performance, and SEVENTEEN have ingrained it into their souls. Every performance they execute reveals their hard work and years of chemistry working together, allowing fans to be completely satisfied when watching any of their dances. However, SEVENTEEN can’t seem to turn off their synchronization button, resulting in cute interactions that sometimes surprise SEVENTEEN themselves. Here are 10 moments of SEVENTEEN being effortlessly in sync off stage.


It might just be a simple impromptu warm up, but SEVENTEEN makes it look like a rehearsed routine, even while goofing around.


Social mirroring at its finest.


The start deserves a low whistle of appreciation, but the chaos afterwards earns the biggest laughs.


The music adds a cartoonish flair that makes the synchronized movement seem especially unreal.


This is what true supportive friendship looks like.


get u a friend that will join your dumbness 😂👌🏻 #seventeen #carat #wonwoo #kpopfyp #sync #funny

♬ original sound – Jihoonie – ͙reia ୭̥⋆*。


The synchronization takes twinning to another level.


Even the slight head nod at the end is synced.


Because sometimes, teasing a friend is best done together.


Actual copy and paste.


S in svt stands for synchronization. Facts. #seventeen #세븐틴 #seventeen17_official #woozi #dk #dokyeom #goingseventeen #gose #kpop #fyp #watersports

♬ Ready to love – SEVENTEEN


Okay, this one is on stage, but the strength of that shared braincell is insane.


synchronization #seventeen #fyp #svt

♬ original sound – rawr // ready to love by svt – rawr


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