25 Outfits That Proves The8 Is SEVENTEEN’s Fashionista

“I try different styles and experiment a lot.”

Just by looking at him, one would know The8 is one of SEVENTEEN‘s biggest fashionistas! He is always dressed in the best looks no matter where he goes, but don’t take our word for it, his SEVENTEEN members also voted him as the member “who has the best sense of style?

The8 explained he “follows basic trends, I match colors, I try different styles and experiment a lot.” 

| Buzzfeed/YouTube 

Here are 25 outfits where The8 proved he is the fashionista of SEVENTEEN!

1. The8 giving off total perfect boyfriend material vibes with this outfit

| @pledis_17/Twitter

2. No one shines brighter than The8

3. He looks like an actual rockstar

4. That shirt is everything

| @pledis_17/Twitter

5. Don’t you want to hug him in that fuzzy sweater?

6. He looks like an actual prince

7. His style is so unique!

8. Loving the dark look with a splash of color

9. The8 looks like he came out of a K-Drama/C-Drama

10. He’s literally the highlight in Carats’ life

11. He’s judging your outfit while looking gorgeous in his

12. Everyone can agree that The8 and that cute outfit is the real view in this picture

| @saythename_17/Instagram

13. The preppy style has never looked better!

14. Those glasses on The8…

… is there anything better?

15. That monochrome outfit is perfect

16. If this isn’t style… I don’t know what is

17. Check out the “8” on his outfit! Represent!

… Yes, he added those drawings and writing himself!

| @徐明浩_The8/Weibo

18. Looks good with the long sleeves on…

…and when the long sleeves are off.

19. So chic!

20. Even in just a t-shirt he looks fashionable!

21. He said he likes to “match colors.” Those red shoes with that red checkered jacket…yes!

| @pledis_17/Twitter

22. The outfit is amazing from head to toe

23. He’s on the way to steal all Carats’ hearts

24. He looks happy with his outfit and so are we

| @pledis_17/Instagram

25. This suit and hat are incredible!


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