8 Random Facts About SEVENTEEN’s Multi-Talented The8 That Everyone Should Know

He’s an amazing singer, dancer, and fashionista!

One of the two Chinese members of SEVENTEEN, and one of the incredibly talented dancers of their Performance Unit, The8 is a powerful performer full of charisma and passion. He’s also known to be very fashion-conscious, with a great taste in the latest trends.

Even in a group as big as SEVENTEEN, The8 has made a name for himself, and it’s well-deserved! Here are 8 facts about this multi-talented idol that everyone should know, and will hopefully be new knowledge even for long-time fans.

1. The meaning behind his stage name.

The8’s name is pronounced just like it looks — “The 8”. The meaning behind his name has symbolism in Chinese culture. The number 8 is a lucky number in China, and when its laid on its side, it becomes the infinity symbol! Because of this, his stage name can mean “infinite luck”.

2. He knew he wanted to be a dancer at a young age.

The8 was always more interested in dancing than academics, and fortunately, his parents supported his musical endeavors. He was able to take classes at Beijing Contemporary Music Academy, where he learned skills in dancing and breakdancing. In fact, it was here was he was discovered by a Pledis Entertainment scout while he was breakdancing!

3. He was already renowned before he was an idol.

Before The8 moved to Korea to become a trainee, he was actually part of a b-boy dance team in China for about 6 years. Their crew was so skilled that it actually was ranked as one of the top 8 dance teams in a worldwide contest!

4. He’s a talented martial artist as well.

Along with dancing, singing, and even playing musical instruments, The8 is also very skilled in martial arts! He won first place in a martial arts competition when he was only 6 years old, and through his entire life, he’s won over 40 awards in various martial arts competitions!

5. Two members made the transition to Korea easier for him.

The8 was actually the last person to become a trainee for SEVENTEEN in Pledis Entertainment, and since he was from China, he wasn’t fluent in Korean when he joined. Because of these difficulties, he had a hard time at first, but thankfully he had fellow Chinese member Jun to rely on, and was also encouraged and supported by Hoshi, who later became the Performance Unit leader and helped The8 to succeed.

6. He’s incredibly generous.

The8 came out with a solo song, “Dreams Come True”, in 2019, which he promoted in China. Rather than keeping the profits for himself, however, The8 donated them all to a cause that was able to build a library an elementary school in his home country. He also spends time volunteering as well!

7. He’s part of an infamous idol friend group.

Many K-Pop fans know about the ’97 line friend group, and The8 is a part of it! The group includes other idols born in 1997, such as fellow members DK and Mingyu, GOT7‘s BamBam and Yugyeom, BTS‘s Jungkook, ASTRO‘s Eunwoo, and NCT‘s Jaehyun.

8. He has an adorable life-long dream.

One time during an interview, The8 spoke about his romantic dreams for the future. He said that later in life, he wants to own a house by the beach, where he lives with his significant other and their dog and where they can all watch the sunset together. Talk about precious!

Hopefully you learned something new about this incredible performer!

Source: Doyouram