10 Times That SEVENTEEN’s The8 Proved He’s Total Boyfriend Material

And we all missed him dearly during “Rock With You” promotions!

We’re over halfway through with the ongoing SEVENTEEN boyfriend material series, and today’s focus will be on the elegant dance king and fashion genius himself, The8! While he’s been missed during the most recent promotions for the release of Attacca, Carats have certainly not forgotten about him, and he deserves to be recognized for all of his many talents and attractive qualities! Here are 10 reasons why The8 is total boyfriend material.

1. Imagine all the amazing and artsy photoshoots you could do together.

2. He’s so adorable with kids 😭

3. You would likely have lots of long, thoughtful conversations about things you’re passionate about!

4. He would make sure to always keep you safe.

5. He would definitely spoil you!

6. Your phone would be filled with aesthetic pictures such as these.

7. He’s also just a huge cutie!

8. Shopping for clothes together would be so much fun!

9. You would have so many pictures of all the fun places you would travel to together!

10. He’s just so elegant and handsome 😍