15 Times SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Proved He Is The King Of Beanies 

#5 will always be iconic!

It’s pretty well known that SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon has a thing for hats, especially beanies! His beanies match his colorful style and personality as he usually wears bright-colored ones. No matter the weather, hot or cold, Carats can almost always spot Vernon in a cute beanie.

Here are 15 times Vernon proved he is the king of beanies

1. Classic Red

It’s safe to say that Vernon probably has a beanie and every color, but for this look, he’s keeping it simple with a classic red beanie!

2. His lovely pink beanie

Is it just me or does Vernon in his pink beanie make him perfect boyfriend material?

3. This colorful striped beanie is everything!

Doesn’t the colors on this beanie match his hair perfectly? And with his green shirt? Absolutely love it!

4. Simple, yet, fashionable

Despite it being just a regular black beanie, on Vernon, it looks like a whole runway look!

5. This iconic moment!

This image of Vernon in his purple sunglasses and yellow beanie took over the internet. It will forever be iconic in SEVENTEEN’s history.

… even the members couldn’t get enough of this hilarious, yet adorable Vernon moment.

6. He’s always got a beanie around somewhere!

Even though he might not be wearing it at this moment, he definitely seems to keep one with him just in case!

7. This bright beanie!

Yes! That beanie is very bright! But, it certainly doesn’t shine brighter than Vernon himself!

8. You always need a simple black beanie that will go with everything!

Vernon definitely owns the casual, yet, stylish look!

9. Why is this so adorable?

Vernon managed to perfectly match his yellow beanie with his plain yellow shirt.

10. He’s always looking good walking through the airport

Seems like beanies are Vernon’s go-to accessory when traveling. It definitely makes sense and looks great!

11. That is one cool Balenciaga beanie!

I wonder how many luxurious brand beanies he has?

12. He’s good at matching his beanies with his clothes!

I wonder if he buys beanies to match certain clothing pieces he has?

13. Beanie and sunglasses!

Why do I feel like if you went through his closet, it’d just be a bunch of beanies?

14. His “Pretty U” era!

If you knew SEVENTEEN during their “Pretty U” era, then you’ve definitely seen Vernon looking adorable in these beanies!

| Mnet K-POP/YouTube

15. This moment is just too cute!

Looks like DK followed Vernon in his obsessions with beanies!

| @pledis_17/Twitter