10 Times That SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Proved He’s Total Boyfriend Material

He’s truly the whole package.

Second to last, but certainly not second to least, in our ongoing SEVENTEEN boyfriend material series is the group’s entertaining rap king, Vernon! His handsome looks can’t disguise his rather goofy and endearing personality, and we wouldn’t want him any other way. Here are 10 reasons why this SEVENTEEN member is total boyfriend material!

1. He would never fail to entertain you with his antics.

2. You would be able to hear his adorable laugh all the time!

3. You would certainly have entertaining and engaging conversations with him often.

4. No matter what he wears, he makes it boyfriend material.

5. You would be blessed seeing his adorable bedhead hair regularly!

6. He has amazing duality that would always keep you on your toes!

7. You could have so many adorable fur babies together!

8. He would shower you with love and affection.

9. Everything would be an adventure with him!

10. And finally… He would always take the blame for your farts.