10 Times That SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Proved He Could Easily Be In The Performance Unit

There’s nothing that this talented idol can’t do.

Since SEVENTEEN‘s career began, Woozi has pretty much always been known as the backbone of the group, helping them release phenomenal music through his producing and composing skills as well as just being an incredible vocalist and the leader of the Vocal Unit. While he might be more well-known for these talents, what many fans of the group could already tell you is that he is also one of the best dancers among the members as well, which is saying a lot considering how strong all of their dancing abilities are! Here are 10 times that Woozi proved that he could join HoshiJunThe8, and Dino in the Performance Unit if he wanted to!

1. He was actually originally going to be part of the Performance Unit, but ended up being in the Vocal Unit instead.

2. Just look how insanely smooth and fluid he is in this dance cover!

3. Even pre-debut Woozi was keeping up easily with Hoshi and Dino (with Vernon alongside them too!).

4. There’s a reason he had his iconic contemporary dance solo in “Don’t Wanna Cry”.

5. And he had a much more recent solo dance break that blew fans away as well!

6. A professional dancer ranked him as the best dancer out of the group besides the members of the Performance Unit.

7. He can totally own a solo stage with his vocals and dancing combined.

8. Even when he’s just goofing around, he still has perfect rhythm and musicality!

9. His improv skills are completely on point too.

10. Everything about him on stage is just captivating!