10 Times That SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Proved He’s Total Boyfriend Material

This man has so many attractive qualities and talents!

Continuing our ongoing series on each of the members of SEVENTEEN proving themselves to be boyfriend material, next up on the list is Woozi! Not only is he incredibly talented and the anchor that the group depends on for so much of their success, but he’s also just a lovely person overall. Here are 10 times that he proved he’s total boyfriend material!

1. He’s such a hard worker, you know he’d never let you down.

2. His eye smile could melt anyone’s heart.

3. Video games + napping sounds like a great date to us!

4. He’s so smooth 😂

5. He might not be tall, but he’s ripped!! 🥵

6. Not only is he ripped, but he’s sporty and athletic too!

7. Is there anything more attractive than a guy hard at work doing what he loves?

8. You know this vocal unit leader would love to sing to you.

9. He has plenty of cute and endearing moments!

10. Anyone would be lucky to share this beautiful scenery with this handsome man!