SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Posted Several Pictures In Celebration Of 10:10 Day

October 10th is officially Hoshi’s day!

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi has a lot of famous taglines, but the one he is probably most famous for is his introduction during SEVENTEEN’s concerts. He asks CARATs what time it is and they respond by shouting “10:10” at him. “10:10″ has therefore become one of Hoshi’s many nicknames.

Hoshi earned this nickname because of his charming eyes that resemble the hands of a clock when the displayed time is “10:10.”

Carats celebrated October (10 month) 10 as Hoshi’s day, and Hoshi surprised fans with multiple selfies, tweeting one photo per minute passed, as he counted down to 10:10PM on October 10 and eventually started a live broadcast.

Here are all the pictures Hoshi blessed Carats with:

1. 6 minutes till 10:10

2. 5 minutes till 10:10

3. 4 minutes till 10:10

4. 3 minutes till 10:10

5. 2 minutes till 10:10

6. 1 minute till 10:10

Hoshi was really touched by Carats celebrating October 10th as his day, and said that he felt like he had another birthday because of all the love he received.