These 4 Sexy TWICE Stages Have ONCEs Wishing For A More Mature Comeback

TWICE has plenty of sexy charms.

TWICE is known for their cuter style of music and concept but on rare occasions, the members were allowed to get more suggestive in their choreography and clothes. It is even more rare to get a stage where every member gets to show this concept but there are a few stages where certain members shine.

1. TWICELAND – “Yoncé” orig. by Beyoncé

Nayeon, Momo, Chaeyoung and Sana showed the world their sexy charms when they covered “Yonce” accompanied by some scintillating choreography. Nayeon and Momo started the choreography off…

Then Sana and Chaeyoung joined in to complete the quartet. The girls showed off some risque choreography and the crowd loved it.

2. TWICE – Coming of Age Ceremony orig. by Park Ji Yoon

Momo, Mina, Sana and Nayeon started the cover of Park Ji Yoon’s legendary song off with some seductive choreography.

The video package included some well-shot provocative scenes.

And finished with some sensual dancing on the floor.

3. TWICE – Move orig. by Taemin

The quartet of Momo, Chaeyoung, Dahyun and Mina or MOMIDACHAE performed “Move” at Music Bank in Hong Kong and fans were awed by their sexy stage presences.

The girls showed off their duality and the ease with which they can switch from cute to sexy.

It has fans begging for a sexier OT9 comeback so all of the girls get to show their duality.

4. Mnet Asian Music Awards 2017 – My Name orig. by BoA

As a tribute to BoA who was also performing on the show, TWICE performed a cover of her song “My Name”. They captured the subtle sexiness of the song perfectly.

The audience of the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2017 were stunned by TWICE’s choreography.