18 Elegant Behind-The-Scenes Photos From SF9’s “Jealous” Performance On “Kingdom”

Don’t sleep on this phenomenal group!

SF9 was one of the groups that performed on the most recent episode of Kingdom last week, and the eight members participating didn’t disappoint in their “Jealous” showcase! Looking stunning in gorgeous red suits and showing off their phenomenal singing, dancing, and acting skills, this third generation group deserves so much praise for their performance! Here are 18 elegant and powerful photos taken candidly from their part on “Kingdom”.

1. Youngbin

SF9’s talented and charismatic leader showcased just how multi-talented his in during this performance!

2. Inseong

As SF9’s main vocalist, Inseong’s incredible ability to keep his voice stable and beautiful while performing difficult choreography is breath-taking.

3. Jaeyoon

Jaeyoon may be a sub-vocalist of the group, but that just shows how high their standards are because he was absolutely incredible!

4. Dawon

Dawon’s intense gaze was so captivating during the performance, it was nearly impossible to look away.

5. Zuho

SF9’s main rapper was a force to be reckoned with during this iconic and legendary showcase!

6. Taeyang

In a group of incredibly skilled dancers, Taeyang’s position as the main dancer still stood out because of how perfect and fluid his movements were.

7. Hwiyoung

This second-youngest member of the group absolutely radiated elegance and maturity with his smoldering gaze!

8. Chani

SF9’s maknae proved once again that his young age is nothing but a number when it comes to performance skills!

9. All

How could anyone not love these handsome, regal-looking idols?

If you haven’t already, you definitely need to watch their entire Kingdom performance here: