5 Spoilers SHINee Just Dropped For Their Long-Awaited Comeback Next Month

SHINee are the spoiler kings.

SHINee’s back! The group is set to make their long-awaited return on February 22, and the comeback date isn’t the only thing the members spoiled during their recent The Ringtone broadcast. Here are five teasers the members revealed to get you excited for new SHINee music.

1. The title track

According to Taemin, the title track of SHINee’s seventh full album reminded him of “Sherlock”. Given that the song famously starts with the line, “SHINee’s back“, it definitely fits the vibe.

| @SHINee/Twitter

[On the title track] I thought, this is it. This is the title.

— Taemin

Released in 2012, SHINee’s “Sherlock” was a hybrid of two songs from their Sherlock mini-album—”Clue” and “Note”. In the grey-toned music video, the members play detectives trying to solve a case.

| SM Entertainment

So far, fans say the vibe of the new album’s first teaser definitely supports Taemin’s comparison. However, many say it looks like SHINee are the perpetrators this time rather than the detectives.

| @SHINee/Twitter

2. The B-sides

During the broadcast, the members also shared a hint about what to expect from the rest of the songs on the album—they were all good enough to be candidates for the title track.

| @SHINee/Twitter

SHINee also treated fans to a whole performance of one of the B-sides, “Marry You”. With elements of 90s funk and jazz, plus heartwarming lyrics, many fans think the song could be a continuation of the group’s debut song, “Replay”.

3. The choreography

While “Marry You” is a relatively slow song, you can expect the title track to be much more high-octane. According to Onew, the energy in the choreography is so high, it feels like the members are “churning together like laundry in a washing machine“.

| @SHINee/Twitter

4. The theme

So far, the teaser photo for SHINee’s new album gives a little hint towards the vibe fans can expect, as does the tagline, “Any Resemblance To Actual Person Or Event Is Purely Coincidental“.

But, on top of that, the members also brought out some spoiler items during their broadcast that tease what the new song’s theme will be like: a smartphone with a red “X” on the screen,

| SM Entertainment

a placard reading, “Sorry, the number you have called has been disconnected”,

| SM Entertainment

a romantic red rose,

| SM Entertainment

and a picture of a book in a frame.

| SM Entertainment

And that’s not all. The logo for the new album is themed like an old rotary dial telephone, and the group also released a teaser with a phone number that fans can call for a special message. All in all, it definitely seems like the new title track’s theme will have something to do with phone calls.

5. The vocals

Last but not least, you can expect SHINee’s signature vocal prowess to be back again with this album. Key revealed that the songs are full of high notes, just like those heard in “Marry You”. Taemin, meanwhile, said he went through four recordings to get the title track down perfectly.

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