9 Times SHINee’s Minho Lit Up The Room With His Red Hair

His charisma certainly is flaming.

SHINee‘s recent comeback has captured the attention of fans for a multiplicity of reasons: one of them being Minho‘s bright red hair. Starkly contrasting with his fellow members’ more neutral hair colors, his strong stage presence has multiplied.

Here are nine examples of when Minho’s hair became the center of attention.

1. The room wasn’t red before Minho walked in.

2. Even with a red background, his hair makes a statement.

3. Those hats could never compare.

4. This hat can’t hide the brightness.

5. Even his bangs are eye-catching.

6. He rocks a potent mix of red and yellow.

7. He knows he looks fantastic.

8. Those effects are barely noticeable when Minho is onstage.

9. He certainly can’t lose to Key.

What do you think of Minho’s brave hairstyle?