The Evolution Of SHINee’s Onew In 10 Pictures

He’s grown so much🥺

Today is SHINee Onew‘s birthday!

SHINee’s Onew | @dlstmxkakwldrl/Instagram

Shawols couldn’t be more proud of the talented, caring, hilarious, and smart man he’s become. Here are 10 photos that show the evolution of Onew in honor of his birthday!

1. He was an impossibly adorable kid

Before he was known as SHINee’s Onew, he was simply Lee Jinki, a kid born in Gwangyeong. Do you think adorable little Jinki knew he would grow up to be a superstar?

2. His sense of humor has always been great

Onew has been hilarious his whole life! As a child, he pretended to eat his flip phone, and the photos of the funny moment have become some of Shawols’ favorite pre-debut Onew pictures.

3. How does he look so good in school photos?

Literally nobody has ever looked this good in their school pictures! This predebut photo is proof that Onew never had an awkward phase.

4. The “Replay” era will forever be iconic

With “Replay,” the world finally got to see SHINee and hear Onew’s gorgeous voice! Even back then, he impressed fans with how great he was as a leader and as a vocalist.

5. “Ring Ding Dong” was a cultural reset

With “Ring Ding Dong,” SHINee shifted away from the contemporary R&B style that most of their earlier releases featured. This experimental song was a HUGE hit, and it was so catchy and distracting that it was “banned” during South Korea’s national college entrance exam. Although the catchy tune features a good bit of autotune, Onew’s powerful vocals still sound just as powerful as ever in “Ring Ding Dong!”

6. “Rocker Onew” showed just how versatile he is

If you were wondering if Onew can sing rock songs just as well as K-Pop songs, the answer is yes! Onew was in the musical Rock of Ages in 2010, and he sounded amazing while portraying an aspiring rock star. His rocker look for the musical also proved he can pull off any concept!

7. He was so casually cool during the “View” era

SHINee rocked casual clothes while promoting “View,” and Onew rocked his casual look extremely well! While their casual concept was a little controversial at the time, Onew and all the other SHINee members opened the door for other groups to wear more casual clothes on stage. Even though they were dressed casually, their stage presence was just as solid as ever!

8. He rocked the retro concept for “1 of 1”

Onew looked so handsome in his retro-inspired outfits during “1 of 1” promotions! The song was inspired by music from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, and Onew’s voice lent itself well to the vintage feel of the song.

9. He’s become a legend

SHINee’s most recent comeback was with “Atlantis.” The song came out approximately 13 years after the group’s debut. Although they’re a second-generation group promoting alongside third and fourth-generation groups, SHINee’s music still sounds as fresh as ever! Onew and the other members have truly become legends and icons!

10. He’s showing more and more sides of himself

Onew has been very busy lately! He’s currently filming a web series, he just put out a duet with Punch, and he’s currently starring in a web variety show. Thanks to Onew keeping himself very busy with various projects, we’re able to see many different sides of him. From Onew the vocalist, to Lee Jinki the actor, to everything in between, we’re glad to see him in any way, shape, or form!