SHINee’s Taemin And His Cat Have A New Instagram Account, So Here Are 7 Of Their Cutest Moments

We can’t wait to see more of this adorable duo!

SHINee‘s Taemin and his cat, Kkoong, are so adorable together!

They are such an iconic duo that SM Entertainment opened a new Instagram account to share animated, fictionalized versions of Taemin and Kkoong’s adventures.

In honor of their new Instagram account, here are 7 of Taemin and Kkoong’s most adorable moments!

1. When Kkoong playfully swiped at Taemin from inside a pack of water bottles

Kkoong was an extremely playful kitten! In true kitten fashion, she took every opportunity to play with her favorite human. During one of Taemin’s live streams, she got into a pack of water bottles and adorably swiped at him when he brought his camera closer.

2. When Taemin gave Kkoong sweet little kisses

Taemin’s affectionate side comes out every time he’s with Kkoong! During a live broadcast, he couldn’t help but shower his furbaby in kisses.

3. When Kkoong returned Taemin’s love with a playful bite

All cat owners know they sometimes show their affection with playful attacks! After Taemin kissed her, Kkoong showed her love for him by trying to gently bite him.

4. When they transformed the couch into their own personal playground

Cats can turn anything into a playground! Kkoong slide around on her back under Taemin’s couch while he filmed her, and Shawols were blessed with this adorable moment.

5. When they showed off their tricks and teamwork while SHINee’s Key visited

Kkoong is just as talented as she is adorable! Taemin taught her how to shake hands, and he showed off his cat’s skills during an episode of Home Alone as his bandmate, Key, watched.

6. When they both served looks during a live stream

A family that slays together stays together! Both Taemin and Kkoong are super adorable, and they showed fans just how cute they are during one of Taemin’s live streams.

7. When Taemin asked Kkoong if she saw him on TV

Kkoong’s dad is very famous! Taemin asked Kkoong if she saw him on TV and asked if his performance was amazing. In true cat fashion, Kkoong ignored Taemin and started bathing instead, but we believe the bath meant she agreed that Taemin’s performance was incredible!