10 Times SHINee’s Taemin Left Our Jaws On The Floor With His Incredible Dancing

How does he do #6?

Without a doubt, SHINEE‘s Taemin has earned a spot in history for his legendary dance moves!

SHINee’s Taemin | @Im_ltm/Instagram

April 29 was International Dance Day. In honor of International Dance Day, Spotify asked K-Pop fans to name their favorite K-Pop dancers on Twitter.

Of course, the replies and quote tweets were filled with fans praising Taemin!

In honor of International Dance Day, here are just some of Taemin’s memorable dance moments we’ll never be over!

1. Self-taught legend

Imagine being this naturally talented! He truly left no crumbs during his audition to become a trainee.

2. This dance break never gets old

We’re so glad we can see this in 4K now!

3. His solo debut was unreal

Everybody knew Taemin as SHINee’s incredible main dancer, but he showed off even more of his skills when he made his solo debut with “Danger.” Just look at that fancy footwork!

4. He was wild for this

His “Sexuality” floorwork is unbelievable!

5. Literally invented sensuality

Taemin is no stranger to fast-paced, intense choreography,  but he shook the industry when he slowed things down with the sensual “Move” choreo!

6. The infamous vibrating move

How does he do this?!

7. Where are his bones?

He moves so smoothly that it looks like he’s boneless! Although Taemin makes these moves look effortless, it takes lots of muscle control to pull off these moves.

8. “Criminal” will forever be iconic

His moves are the perfect balance of sharpness and fluidity!

9. His dancing is always so expressive

Look at how well he expresses the “Thirsty” lyrics through his moves!

10. All hail Queen “Advice”

Taemin just keeps getting better and better! He left fans’ jaws on the floor with “Advice” and proved he’s still as iconic as ever!