SHINee’s Taemin Has Released Music Every Year For The Past 13 Years

He is truly the ‘idol of idols’.

Taemin is known among K-Pop idols as the ‘idol of idols’ as he has been in the Korean music industry for over a decade. He debuted in 2008 as a member of SHINee at the age of 14.

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After his group promotions, he began his solo career in 2014 with his first EP, ACE.

He is known by fans as a genuinely hard-working artist who juggles being both a member of SHINee and SuperM while actively promoting his solo activities.

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Taking a look at his discography, you can see that he has released music every year since his debut, showing no gaps in his music career.

In 2008, he promoted with “Replay”, “Love Like Oxygen”, and “Amigo”.

In 2009, he promoted “Juliette” and “Ring Ding Dong” with SHINee.

In 2010, he continued with “Lucifer” and “Hello.”

In 2011, he worked on four Japanese singles.

In 2012, he promoted “Sherlock” and released three single albums with SHINee.

In 2013, he promoted “Dream Girl”, “Why So Serious”, “Everybody” as well as three Japanese singles and one full-length album.

In 2014, he debuted his solo career with ACE, and promoted one Japan single and one full-length album as a group.

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In 2015, he promoted “Odd Eye” and “Merry You” along with two single albums.

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In 2016, he released his first full-length solo album Press It and his first Japanese solo album. He also promoted SHINee’s full length album and two single albums.

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In 2017, he released his second solo album MOVE as well as SHINee’s full-length Japanese album and his solo Japan mini album.

In 2018, he released his Japanese solo full-length album as well as SHINee’s full-length album EP1, EP2, and EP3.

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In 2019, he promoted “Want”, his second Japanese mini album, and debuted in the U.S. as SuperM.

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Lastly in 2020, he promoted with SuperM’s first official full-length album as well as his solo third full-length album with “2 Kids”, “Criminal”, and “IDEA.”

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Just by looking at his music history you can see just how passionate and hard-working he is in his craft. He has become an icon for challenging himself through various styles of music and concepts. We can’t wait to see what’s in store from him for this year!

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