5+ Most Shocking K-Pop Group Disbandments, According To Fans

Fans still haven’t accepted some of these disbandments.

K-Pop might be our favorite music genre that has taken the world by storm, boasting of its vibrant groups, dazzling performances, and devoted fan bases. But not all stories of the groups that make this industry so great have fairy tale endings. Recently, fans on Reddit engaged in a passionate discussion, sharing their shock and heartbreak over the disbandment of their beloved groups. Among many sad endings, these six disbandments stood out as the most shocking.

1. X1

Debuting in 2019 after the popular survival competition Produce X 101, X1 was met with immediate success. However, their journey was cut short when they disbanded in January 2020 — merely months after their official debut. The reason? Controversies surrounding the rigging of votes in their debut show led to a loss of trust among fans and the public.


The six-member girl group made their mark in the industry when they debuted in 2015. Their unique music and synchronized choreography earned them a loyal fan base. Sadly, they disbanded in 2021 after failing to renew their contracts with Source Music, leaving fans yearning for more and confused about what had happened.


NU’EST, a boy group from Pledis Entertainment, started their journey in 2012. Following a decade-long run in the industry, the members decided to part ways with Pledis and pursue individual activities after their contracts expired in 2022. Fans were confused by the sudden sad news, with many blaming the company for failing to manage the group properly.


Known for their viral hit “BBoom BBoom” in 2018, MOMOLAND debuted in 2016. Their catchy tunes and quirky concepts quickly captured fans’ hearts. However, they disbanded earlier this year following several member departures and a lapse in group activities. The young girl group went through many challenges in their career, from plagiarism allegations to members accusing the company of rigging votes, yet their disbandment blindsided fans.


Debuting in 2017 under Pledis Entertainment, PRISTIN had a promising start with hits like “Wee Woo.” But the group met an untimely end in 2019, only two years after their debut, with members going their separate ways due to undisclosed reasons, leaving fans in shock.

6. Gugudan

Debuting in 2016 under Jellyfish Entertainment, Gugudan had a theatrical and unique concept. Sadly, they disbanded only four years after debuting, much to the fans’ surprise. The company cited difficulties in maintaining the group amidst a changing music industry as the reason. The disbandment news was so shocking that Gugudan fans have yet to receive closure.