These 9 Idols Sported Some Of The Most Shocking Hairstyles In K-Pop

Life is too short to have boring hair.

These idols got experimental with their hair.

1. BIGBANG’s Taeyang

It looks like two binoculars. If you were to look in them, do you think you’d be able to see what was across from you clearly? One thing is for sure; Taeyang must have a lot of hair to be able to achieve this look.

2. 2NE1’s Dara

Dara‘s “pineapple hair” is definitely one of her most iconic looks. It’s so famous that Dara actually posted a tutorial on her YouTube channel so that anyone can achieve this unique look.

3. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

It seems YG Family has a thing for unique hair. Let’s not forget G-Dragon’s long (and when we say long, we mean LONG) hair in the “Fantastic Baby” music video. He’s like an edgy male Rapunzel!

4. BIGBANG’s Daesung

Daesung really took bowl cuts to another level with this look. His bangs go over his eyes and even touch the bridge of his nose! During the time he had this hair, he could barely see. The things some people do for fashion, huh?

5. GOT7’s Jackson

Jackson‘s hair during GOT7‘s “Girls Girls Girls” era was really… something. They managed to slick down all of his hair in the front and thought leaving the back would be alright. It looks like he just woke up from a nap and forget to check the mirror. Poor Jackson!


Props to the stylist for being true to his stage name. The way they parted his bangs resembles that of a dinosaur’s scales. He has a cowlick in the back, which almost resembles a dinosaur’s tail. It’s nice to know the stylist wanted everyone to know which one was Dino.

7. EXO’s D.O

Whenever someone shaves their head, there’s always an awkward phase once it starts growing out. A classic case is EXO‘s D.O. Fans have said that he resembles an egg during the time he sported this look. At least he’s a cute egg.

8. Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha

Narsha‘s mix-matched bowl cut-bob is definitely… something. The cuts are visibly uneven, including her bangs, and only one side of her hair is dyed blonde. We’re not sure what the stylist was going with this, but they must have liked it enough to let her go out like this.


Zico sported dreads for Block B‘s “Nilili Mambo” comeback, where they rocked a pirate concept. His hair is a light pink and though the color is nice, the hairstyle is definitely something different. With the front slicked back and the braids on the side, it’s definitely a unique look.

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