20 Most Shocking And Innovative Idol Choreographies Chosen By Netizens

Netizens chose which K-Pop idol choreographies were so sensational and innovative that it shocked them the most!

1. SEVENTEEN’s triple axel during “Home”


2. GFRIEND’s hand flower from “Summer Rain”


3. SF9’s human windmill from “K.O.”


4. EXO’s human tree from “WOLF”


5. SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan pyramid during “THANKS”


6. BTS’s magical hat trick from “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2”


7. INFINITE’s human scorpion from “BTD”


8. SEVENTEEN’s synchronized whirlpools from “Getting Closer”


9. NCT127’s group split from “Cherry Bomb”


10. Wanna One’s human grand piano from “Energetic”


11. Taemin’s slow and sexy “Move”


12. Everything about NCT U’s “7th Sense”


13. BTS’s airborne kickoff from “No More Dream”


14. BoA’s upside down walk from “Woman”


15. SEVENTEEN’s desk timing during “Mansae”


16. GFRIEND’s under and over trick from “Me Gustas Tu”


17. VIXX’s voodoo doll from “VOODOO DOLL”


18. SEVENTEEN’s human stage from “Mansae”


19. TVXQ’s bionic super arm from “Catch Me”


20. NCT Dream’s magical physics during “My First And Last”

Source: Nate Pann