Similarities Between Jisoo’s “FLOWER” MV And Other BLACKPINK Solo MVs You Might Have Missed

No wonder some scenes looked familiar—did you catch these parallels?

Jisoo of BLACKPINK recently released her solo EP with “FLOWER” as the title track, and many have noticed some parallels between Jisoo and her other members’ music videos.

Some parallels include Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé all throwing flowers, looking into the mirror, and being next to cars—however, the similarities do not end there

Here are more similarities between Jisoo’s “FLOWER” music video and Jennie and Rose’s solo songs, “SOLO” and “On the Ground.”

A cute furry friend

In the music video for “FLOWER,” Jisoo has a brief encounter with a cute cat.

Jennie also has a brief adorable moment with a dog in “SOLO.”

Dressing room shot

Jisoo and Rosé’s music videos start with them staring out their windows in a beautiful and grand dressing room with accents of pink, gold, and flowers.

Crying and upset

An upset Jisoo yanks off her necklace as she walks in tears and cries sitting on the floor of a grand ballroom.

Jennie is also very upset and cries as she leans against a graffiti-filled wall.

Surrounded by dancers

In both Jisoo and Jennie’s music videos, the BLACKPINK member is surrounded by dancers.

The shot is also similar, as it zooms in and out, focusing on the singer.

Breaking out into dance in a fancy place

In both “SOLO” and “FLOWER,” Jennie and Jisoo spontaneously break out into contemporary dance in a random yet fancy place. Jisoo does so in the hotel lobby in an elegant dress…

…and Jennie does so barefoot in a grand ballroom.

A close-up with a book

Jisoo and Jennie both have a close-up shot looking up from a book.

Roses, roses, roses

Roses appear in all three music videos, and each of their rose scenes is stunning. As Jisoo’s song is called “FLOWER,” it only makes sense she has flowers throughout her music video.

In “SOLO,” Jennie wears a floral dress and lies in a field of roses in different shades of pink.

Rosé has many roses throughout her “On the Ground” music video, but the highlight is at the end when she rises from a beautiful field of pink and white roses.

Each BLACKPINK member’s solo songs are unique in their own ways, yet it’s fun to see the synchronicities of their music videos!

Source: BLACKPINK YouTube - "SOLO", BLACKPINK YouTube - "FLOWER" and BLACKPINK YouTube - "On the Ground"