Here Are The Singers Who Grabbed The Most Wins In “The King Of Masked Singer”

Can you guess who has the most wins?

MBC‘s The King Of Masked Singer is a singing competition where two artists face off in three rounds. Wearing elaborate masks to conceal their identities, the show removes unfair advantages such as popularity and appearance.

It is notably difficult to win against the “Masked King” of each episode. That’s why the multiple wins of these following singers is so significant.

Check them out below!

Male Winners

1. 9 wins

Ha Hyunwoo of Guckkasten 

2. 6 wins

Lee Seokhoon of SG Wannabe

…and Seungyoon of WINNER 

Female Winners

1. 8 wins

Son Seungyeon

2. 6 wins


3. 5 wins

Cha Jiyeon

Sunwoo Junga

Solji of EXID...

…and So Chanwhee

The overall singer with the most wins is Ha Hyunwoo of Guckkasten with 9 straight wins!