10+ Of “Single’s Inferno 2” Scene-Stealer Kim Se Jun’s Most Iconic Moments

He’s a walking (and sleeping) green flag!

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Kim Se Jun might have been the last male contestant to join Netflix‘s hit Korean reality dating show Single’s Inferno 2, but he became viewers’ favorite due to his unexpected, witty personality and charming nature.

Kim Se Jun | Netflix

Now that the series has concluded, let’s check out 10+ of his most iconic moments…

1. When he was sleeping so soundly while everyone else was awake

2. Honestly, every time he napped

3. Se Jun being the true embodiment of a green flag

4. When he was ready to square off with Seul Ki

5. When he was the first to give up in the men’s game

6. When he chose So E to go to Paradise

7. When Se Jun made sure she felt safe during the helicopter rides

8. When he told So E he thought of her as more than a friend

9. That entire pool scene

10. When Se Jun teased the girls when they acted “scared”

11. When the men started to fight, so he threatened to leave for the women’s tent

12. Se Jun being an IRL Webtoon character whenever he’s with So E


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13. Always giving So E his jacket

14. The way Se Jun always wants to be by So E’s side

15. His reaction to the women playing Korean wrestling

16. Se Jun always following behind So E


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17. The way he finds everything So E does cute

18. Se Jun and So E’s happy ending

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