10 Things You Might Not Know About Song Ji A From “Single’s Inferno”

Learn more about this beautiful star.

Song Ji A became a favorite on Single’s Inferno among both viewers and the cast. Here are 10 things you might not know about this mysterious beauty blogger.

Song Ji A | @dear.zia/ Instagram

1. Her rise to fame

Ji A currently has 1.9M YouTube subscribers and 2.6M Instagram followers. Her fame skyrocketed during Single’s Inferno, but she was already a social media star before appearing on the show.

Back in 2019, Ji A created a video that showed her trying on some of her favorite clothes. The video went viral, racking up over 4M views.

| free지아/YouTube

2. Her university major

This social media star didn’t major in a related field, such as business or marketing. Ji A graduated from Hanyang University in 2020 with a major in Korean traditional dance. Prior to choosing traditional dance, she considered learning ballet.

| free지아/YouTube 

3. Plastic surgery?

Ji A has been open about the plastic surgery she underwent in high school. On YouTube, Ji A revealed that she had a rhinoplasty procedure done at 17 years old. She also shut down claims that she had other work done, such as lip fillers and eyelid surgery.

| free지아/YouTube

4. Her celebrity ideal type

Ji A has named several actors and singers as her ideal type, including actor Kim Jae Wookactor in Joo Ji Hoon, and EXO‘s Kai.

EXO’s Kai | @zkdlin/ Instagram

5. Even celebrities want to date her

Ji A didn’t lack suitors on Single’s Inferno. By the finale, she had three of her male co-stars choosing her as their top choice. In a 2020 YouTube video, Ji A revealed that between three and five celebrities (actors, singers, and athletes) asked her out by sliding into her DMs. Chances are even more admirers have expressed interest in her since then, thanks to Single’s Inferno. 

Choi Si Hun with Ji A | Netflix

6. She doesn’t have a driver’s license

This is one of her New Year’s resolutions for 2022. She plans to take the test and reveal her car in a YouTube video next month.

7. Her MBTI type

Ji A is an ESTP (Extroverted, Observant, Thinking, and Prospecting). This type, also called “The Entrepreneur,” is all about pursuing opportunities and taking action. That certainly sounds like this business-savvy star!

8. Her favorite K-Pop group

Ji A is a true TVXQ! fangirl. She started stanning the group in elementary school, back when her favorite member, Kim Jaejoong, was still part of the group. He later became part of JYJ. She bought TVXQ! merch and joined the official fanclub, Cassiopeia.

TVXQ! in 2009. Kim Jaejoong at center. | SM Entertainment

9. She has appeared on variety shows

Before she was on Single’s Inferno, Ji A appeared on Korean variety shows, including Video Star. Last year, she co-hosted Follow Me, a beauty show, alongside PENTAGON‘s KinoHa Sung Woon, and Eunbi.

Ji-A and her fellow emcees | Follow Me

10. Good looks run in the family

When Ji A posted this photo of herself with her father, fans praised his actor-like visuals and fashion sense.

Ji A and her father | @dear.zia/ Instagram

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