The Six Best Derp Faces of TWICE

Dahyun isn’t the only one who can do an amazing derp face!

While TWICE‘s Dahyun is considered the be the main “meme” member due to her overall lack of shame when it comes to poking fun at herself, that doesn’t mean the other members have never tried to get in on the action!

Here’s our top 6 moments of TWICE going “full derp”:

1. Sana – The “Confused” Derp

2. Momo – The “Hangry” Derp

3. Nayeon, Tzuyu, Chaeyoung – The “Derp Squad” Derp

4. Jeongyeon – The “Selfie” Derp

5. Jihyo – The “Serious Face” Derp

5. Mina – The “Mean Mugging” Derp

6. Bonus – Dahyun: Queen of Derpdom