These Six Idols Did The Funniest Things To Get Fans To Notice Them During Fansigns

Aegyo overload.

These six idols weren’t shy and showed off just how badly they wanted to meet their fans at their fansigns.

1. Jun (A.C.E.)


A.C.E‘s Jun was tired of waiting for the fan and reeled them in… literally. The idol cutely pretended to fish for the fan to bring them in front of him for his turn!

2. Naeun (APRIL)

APRIL‘s Naeun was tired of waiting and wasn’t afraid to show it. Still, with that cute rabbit hat flapping its ears, how can anyone find her scary?

3. Seughee (Oh My Girl)

Seunghee has always been known as the loud and proud member of Oh My Girl, and she isn’t afraid to show it! While waiting for her turn at the fansign, she boldly shouted, “Come here!”

4. Minhyuk (BTOB)

While waiting, Minhyuk decided to show his fans some love through aegyo. Still, he couldn’t stay patient and decided to take matters into his own hands… quite literally. He took the next fan’s hand and brought him over to her. How heart fluttering!

5. V (BTS)

BTS‘s V is adorable off-stage, and this proves it. While the fan was still talking to J-Hope, V decided to cutely countdown from 5 as he waited for the fan to finish up.

6. Jimin (BTS)

Another BTS member on the list, Jimin too, must have been dying to meet the fan. He decided to act cute for her, pulling at her sleeve and leaning over the table to show how much he wanted to talk to her!

Source: Instiz