These Are The Six Songs From 2019 That Achieved Perfect All-Kills

Songs that smashed the charts.

These are the six songs from 2019 to achieve perfect all-kills. Ths means that the song hit No.1 across all the daily and realtime South Korean music charts, which inludes Melon, Genie, Bugs, Sorbanda, Flo, and iChart.

1. BTS ft. Halsey – “Boy WIth Luv”

“Boy With Luv” marks BTS‘s second-ever perfect all-kill, with the first being 2018’s “FAKE LOVE.” They were the first artists of 2019 to achieve a perfect all-kill.

2. BOL4 – “Workaholic”

Considered one of Korea’s most successful duo, BOL4 snagged No.1 and that perfect all-kill in September of 2019.

3. AKMU – “How Can I Love The Heartbreak, You’re The One I Love”

AKMU‘s first comeback since Lee Chan Hyuk returned from the military hit No.1 in October, showing just how much fans missed the sibling duo.

4. MC Mong – “Fame”

Rapper, actor, and variety show personalist MC Mong took home No.1 in late October. The song is from his eighth album, “CHANNEL8”.

5. IU – “Love Poem”

On November 1, IU hit No.1 within two hours of the track’s release and was certified as an all-kill track the next day.

6. IU – “Blueming”

Her second appearance on the list, IU’s latest comeback “Blueming,” achieved a perfect all-kill on November 21.

Source: SBS