6 Times BTS’s Jungkook Astounded The Other Members With His Skills And Thinking

He keeps them amazed and entertained without fail.

BTS‘s members have been together for more than ten years, and they know each other so well, but even then, Jungkook can still manage to astonish them with his skills, daring, and thinking. Whatever it is he does, BTS’s members are always in for a good laugh or a surprise Jungkook releases on them. Here are six iconic surprises Jungkook has pulled over his members.

1. Perfecting the bottlecap challenge

When the Bottlecap Challenge was so popular in 2019, ARMYs were looking forward to seeing BTS members try this challenge. The challenge was to execute a roundhouse kick to uncap a mineral water bottle without toppling the bottle.

Suga was already pretty sure Jungkook could do this and asked him to try. Jimin, Jungkook, and V tried their luck at this challenge. Only Jungkook pulled it off perfectly, much to the astonishment of the others.


2. Confirming he had perfect pitch

On RUN BTS Episode 150, BTS was challenged to guess the tune played on bells only once. The members wondered who among them had the perfect pitch to pull off this challenge, and Jungkook was the first to try his luck. Everyone was astounded that Jungkook got it right with just one try, thus confirming that he does have perfect pitch.

3. Doing the Nevis Swing upside-down

While in New Zealand for Bon Voyage 4, the boys tried the Nevis Swing, the world’s biggest swing favored by thrill seekers and bungee jumpers. Jungkook surprised the others by trying the swing upside down without fear and thoroughly enjoyed the exhilarating experience.

| Bon Voyage Season 4

4. Bringing back a slab of ice from his trek in the mountains

Still on Bon Voyage 4, Jungkook got up early one morning to do some hiking without a cameraman and just a dog with him. After a while, he appeared as he was on his way back, without the dog but with a thick slab of ice that stupefied the others.

| Bon Voyage Season 4

5. When he aced the Bottleneck Challenge

BTS went through a challenge of 14 individual games for RUN BTS Episodes 126 and 127. One of the games was called the Bottleneck Challenge, which required uncapping three inverted mineral water bottles with just a swipe of a stick without any of the bottles falling. Although Suga was the first to succeed in this challenge, Jungkook figured out the technique to succeed and explained how to duplicate his successful swipe. From his explanation, the other members were able to pass this challenge.


6. Cutting off a part of his mattress because it was too big

During their 2022 Festa dinner, Jin told the others how Jungkook sawed off his mattress because it was too big. Jungkook corrected him and said he didn’t saw it off but used scissors. They all had a good laugh and asked Jungkook why he didn’t just get the mattress replaced.  Jungkook thought it was complicated to make arrangements to have the mattress picked up and have a replacement delivered, so he chose just to cut off the excess portion of the mattress. J-Hope jokingly called it a “culture shock.”