8 Korean Body Terms You Should Know

These are the most commonly used terms for certain body parts.

When it comes to slang, people in Korea are pretty creative. From V-lines to 11 abs, they’ve coined names for several body features that might surprise you! Let’s take a look at some common terms used to describe popular body shapes that you ought to know.


1. S-Line

The ever popular S-Line! As the letter ‘S’ is curvy, the S-Line is used to describe a curvy woman. Similar to other descriptive words like ‘hourglass’ and ‘bottle-shaped.’ Some idols with an S-Line body include HyunA, former SISTAR member Bora, and Hyosung.


2. V-Line

The V-Line refers to the shape of a face, or the jaw line to be more precise. Koreans often use this term to describe a sharp and narrow jaw line. Some famous V-Liners include Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel, Davichi‘s Kang Minkyung, and BoA.


3. 11 Abs

The term “11 Abs” is used to describe a female’s abs that are defined enough to form an “11” shape. Some idols with “11 abs” include: f(x)‘s Krystal, TWICE‘s Mina, and EXID‘s Hani.


4. Chocolate Abs

As you probably guessed, chocolate abs got its name from the way a 6 or 8 pack is shaped like a bar of chocolate! Idols with chocolate abs include: Jay Park, iKON‘s Bobby, Super Junior‘s Siwon, and many more!


5. Eye Smile

This one describes the crescent shape of the eyes when someone smiles. It’s a popular facial feature that many try to master. Idols famous for eye smiles include: Girl’s Day‘s Minah, Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany, and BIGBANG‘s Taeyang.


6. Bagel (Female)

“Bagel” for women combine the words “Baby” and “Glamorous”. It represents someone with a baby-face, who also has a voluptuous body. Some female bagels include: Apink‘s Hayoung, former SISTAR member Soyu, and Red Velvet‘s Joy.


7. Bagel (Male)

When used for men, “bagel” combines the words “Baby” and “Gladiator”. It represents a baby-faced man with a powerful, muscular body. Some male bagels include: Highlight‘s Gikwang, BIGBANG‘s Daesung, and BTS‘s Jimin.


8. Ulzzang

Ulzzang literally means awesome face! It’s used for anyone who’s really really, ridiculously good-looking. So basically all idols.