SM Entertainment Girl Groups Wear White Dresses Differently—Here’s How

Girls’ Generation is the elegant type.

SM Entertainment has a handful of girl groups who have their own concepts and styles. To go along with their unique colors, the members also carry themselves differently when it comes to fashion. They can make even the simplest styles of clothing look special depending on who’s wearing them.

Check out their unique group fashion below!

1. Girls’ Generation

First up, the members of Girls’ Generation tend to wear white gowns that show off their gorgeous figures. They’re heart-stopping with their maturity and elegance.

Like the seniors they are, they’re 100% confident in the way they carry themselves.

2. Red Velvet

Red Velvet, meanwhile, are more trendy with their fashion styles. Their white dresses come in different cuts, lengths, and embroideries. From summer time-like dresses…

…to dresses with a big black belt as its point accessory—they’re the definitions of edgy.

3. aespa

Last but not the least, aespa is the company’s most recently-debuted girl group. Though they haven’t tried as many styles as their seniors due to this, their unique fashion senses already shine through.

On Music Bank, Ninging and Giselle wore white dresses with silver beading, giving them an otherworldly aura. They look like fairy princesses in their outfits!

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