SM Entertainment Just Held Their Annual Halloween Party, Here Are 30+ Of Their Costumes

The costumed guests never fail to impress.

1. Leeteuk (Super Junior) as a maid and Lee Soo Man as a marching band chief


2. Shindong (Super Junior) – 1800s explorer


3. Hyoyeon (Girls’ Generation) rocking the goth-rock look


4. Yuri (Girls’ Generation) and Xiumin (EXO) as minions


5. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) – Annabelle


6. Sunny (Girls’ Generation) – Nagini


7. BoA in a leopard suit


8. Key (SHINee) – Voldemort


9. Luna [f(x)] as Groot


10. Onew (SHINee) – The Mask


11. EXO’s Xiumin as a minion, Baekhyun as a mummy, and Chen as a vampire


12. Kai (EXO) – Dracula


13. Suho (EXO) as Gwynplaine


14. NCT’s Jeno as Park Bo Gum’s character from Love in the Moonlight, Mark as Detective Conan, Jaemin as Kaito Kid, and Doyoung as Kim Soo Hyun’s character from Moon Embracing the Sun


15. Red Velvet’s Joy as Chun Woo Hee in The Wailing, Yeri as a Hershey’s kiss, Irene as the raincoat girl from Gag Concert, Seulgi as a vampire, and Wendy as Toshio Saeki


16. Kangta


17. Park Sung Kwang as a jiangshi


18. NCT’s Jaehyun as Jack and Jungwoo as Rose from Titanic 


19. NCT’s Ten as the Mona Lisa, and Yuta as Tomoe


20. NCT’s Johnny as Tony the Tiger and Kun as a minion


21. NCT’s Lucas as Thor, Chenle as Pennywise, Taeyong as Syaoran Li, Taeil as a deliveryman


22. NCT’s Jisung as a mouse, WinWin as Gin, Renjun as Peter Pan, and Haechan as Michael Jackson


23.  Esteem campaigners for Lee Soo Man for president


24. Kim Chung Jae as a banana


25. Yesung (Super Junior) as R


26. J-Min as a muskateer


27. GINJO (TraxX) as Doctor Strange