These Are The SM Entertainment Songs People Think Were Perfect Concepts For Each Group

The public’s fave songs from SM Entertainment.

These songs were perfect for these SM Entertainment groups, according to the Korean public.

1. TVXQ! – “Something”

“Something” is the lead single of TVXQ!‘s seventh Korean album and it even has a Japanese version. Fans love the song’s swing influences which help to set it apart from the other songs TVXQ! has come out with.

2. Super Junior – “Black Suit”

“Black Suit” was so popular with fans, the music video got over 3 million views within the first 24 hours of its release! The song showed off SuperJunior‘s classy, gentleman side, which fans adored!

3. Girls’ Generation – “Genie”

“Genie” was well-loved by fans for their “Marine Girl” concept, which was different from their past cutesy concepts. Within the first week, the album sold 50,000 copies and in 2010, sold over 200,000. It is considered one of the Top 5 releases of 2009.

4. SHINee – “View”

Considered one of SHINee‘s most successful releases, “View” received much love from music critics due to the unique blend of electropop and R&B. The dance was also well-loved due to how groovy it was. By May 2015, the music video was the most watched K-Pop music video in the world.

5. f(x) – “4 Walls”

“4 Walls” is considered to be one of f(x)‘s best songs by music critics. Their first release after Sulli‘s departure from the group, the song would end up being the group’s second best-selling single after “Rum Pum Pum Pum”. Fans hope that if f(x) comes back, they’ll have a song similar to “4 Walls”.

6. EXO – “Call Me Baby”

Fans loved “Call Me Baby” for its nostalgic feel, with many saying that it reminded them of the early ’00s. The song went on to win 1st place on music shows 18 times during the group’s promotion. This song is also former member Tao‘s last song as an EXO member.

7. NCT U – “The 7th Sense”

The first NCT song ever released, it is still considered one of NCT’s best songs, as well as one of the hardest choreographies. It was well-loved for its hip-hop, R&B sound. Many also loved the rappers in this song, with some netizens saying that SM Entertainment struck gold when they found them.

8. Red Velvet – “Ice Cream Cake” and “Automatic”

“Ice Cream Cake” is considered Red Velvet‘s breakthrough hit, with many people becoming obssessed with the chorus for its addictive qualities. Many fans also love this era since it was Yeri‘s debut and first song as a member of the group.

Regarded as the representative song for Red Velvet’s “Velvet” side, it received love due to its more sultry sound. For those who prefer the group’s more mature side, this song is considered one of the best.

Source: Instiz