SM, JYP, And YG Entertainment Idols Wear Plain White T-Shirts Differently—Here’s How

They each have different styles.

It is often noted how SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and YG Entertainment idols all have different auras. This is best seen when they wear the same simple outfit—but in their own styles.

Even the most basic plain white shirts are worn uniquely. Check them out below!

1. SM Entertainment

First of all, SM Entertainment is classy. They pair their tops with tight jeans and minimal accessories. Even their makeup is simple but effective.

2. JYP Entertainment

JYP Entertainment, meanwhile, is trendy. As can be seen in TWICE‘s Jeongyeon‘s style, she matched an oversized shirt with tight shorts of the same color.

ITZY‘s Lia, meanwhile, had on an oversized coat that emphasized the beauty of her shirt. She looked just like a K-Drama actress in it!

3. YG Entertainment

Finally, YG Entertainment is edgy. They’re not afraid to cut their plain white shirts and make them into crop tops. They also wear preppy sports bras and joggers with them, highlighting their own unique styles.

Though these female idols all look wear the same plain shirts, the way they present themselves are all different. Their fashion senses are top notch!