These Are The Smallest To Biggest Height Differences Between The Shortest And Tallest Members Of 18 K-Pop Boy Groups

Some of these differences are quite big!

Some K-Pop groups have members with similar heights, while other groups have members that are drastically different in height, and that can cause some difficulties, such as making sure dances are synced up well! There’s a wide range of small and big differences in heights between members in K-Pop groups, but have you ever wondered which group has the biggest height difference? This list will answer just that! These are the height differences between the shortest and tallest members of 18 popular boy groups, in order of smallest to biggest difference.

18. A.C.E

Shortest member: Byeongkwan (174cm)

Tallest member: Chan (177cm)

Difference: 3cm


Shortest member: Jinu (178cm)

Tallest member: Hoony (183cm)

Difference: 5cm

16. BTS

Shortest member: Jimin (175cm)

Tallest member: RM (181cm)

Difference: 6cm


Shortest member: Kihyun and I.M (175cm)

Tallest member: Hyungwon and Shownu (181cm)

Difference: 6cm

14. GOT7

Shortest member: Jackson (175cm)

Tallest member: Yugyeom (182cm)

Difference: 7cm

13. NCT Dream

Shortest member: Renjun (170cm)

Tallest member: Jisung (179cm)

Difference: 9cm

12. TXT

Shortest member: Taehyun (177cm)

Tallest member: Soobin (186cm)

Difference: 9cm


Shortest member: JinJin (174cm)

Tallest member: Sanha (184cm)

Difference: 10cm

10. The Boyz

Shortest member: Eric (171cm)

Tallest member: Younghoon (182cm)

Difference: 11cm

9. Stray Kids

Shortest member: Changbin (167cm)

Tallest member: Hyunjin (179cm)

Difference: 12cm

8. EXO

Shortest member: Xiumin and D.O (172cm)

Tallest member: Chanyeol (185cm)

Difference: 13cm

7. NCT 127

Shortest member: Taeil (172cm)

Tallest member: Johnny (185cm)

Difference: 13cm


Shortest member: Hongjoong (171cm)

Tallest member: Yunho (184cm)

Difference: 13cm


Shortest member: Hwanwoong (168cm)

Tallest member: Keonhee (181cm)

Difference: 13cm

4. SF9

Shortest member: Chani (177cm)

Tallest member: Rowoon (191cm)

Difference: 14cm

3. iKON

Shortest member: Jay (165cm)

Tallest member: Ju-ne (183cm)

Difference: 18cm


Shortest member: Jinho (168cm)

Tallest member: Wooseok (187cm)

Difference: 19cm


Shortest member: Woozi (164cm)

Tallest member: Mingyu (185cm)

Difference: 21cm