Want To Smell As Lovely As NCT’s Shotaro? Here Are His Top 5 Perfumes

Taeyong even bought him one of the perfumes.

Although it’s easy to find out what fashion pieces are idols are wearing, it’s a bit harder to find out which perfumes they love. When sharing his go-to accessories and outfits, NCT‘s Shotaro laid out his favorite five perfumes you’ll want to try out as well.

Shotaro | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

1. Wood Sage & Sea Salt

The first perfume Shotaro revealed was Jo Malone‘s Wood Sage & Sea Salt.

Shotaro enjoys the “wood smell” and how “refreshing” it is. He usually wears it when he’s dancing and uses it so much that he already bought a backup.

2. Bleu De Chanel

Buying from the well-known brand Chanel, Shotaro showed their Bleu De Chanel scent.

While the first perfume was refreshing, this one was the opposite. Shotaro claims it “feels sexy” and “more mature,” especially when dressing up.

3. Paris Biarritz

Continuing with Chanel, Shotaro enjoyed the Paris Biarritz scent.

It’s a new scent he recently added to his collection that “smells like fruit” and is “very soothing.

4. Coach Man Edt

The next perfume was Coach‘s Coach Man Edt that comes in a dark bottle to match its masculine name.

The scent held memories of his trainee days: “When I first came to Korea, I bought this perfume. So even now, if I spray this perfume on, it reminds me of when I came to Korea.

5. 001 Man

The last perfume that Shotaro wears is LOEWE‘s 001 Man, which turned out to be a gift from someone familiar.

Shotaro revealed, “For my birthday last year, Taeyong gave me this perfume.” Like the Bleu De Chanel, its scent was more mature. Shotaro said, “It’s an addicting fragrance.

Since perfume can be worn by anyone, everyone may be able to find a new favorite. Check out all of Shotaro’s favorites here.