Girls Generation’s Seohyun Channels Her Inner BLACKPINK On The Rendition Of “How You Like That”

Seohyun is obsessed with the song, like so many of us are.

On the latest episode of JTBC‘s Knowing Bros, Girls Generation‘s Seohyun put on a performance of the latest and the hottest BLACKPINK song, “How You Like That.”

SNSD was known for their flawless choreography, and Seohyun showed off the dancing chops she has honed over the course of her career.

She revealed her obsession with the latest BLACKPINK bop, and has nailed the dance routine down to the dot. Heechul joked that Rose must have copied this!” showing his awe at Seohyun’s perfect take.

As one of the featured vocalists for SNSD, Seohyun also sang bits of the song, imitating the distinct styles of the BLACKPINK members.

Her take on Rose’s voice had the Brothers in awe as soon as they heard it…the similarities were uncanny!

She also did a Jisoo part…

…and an unbelievably cute version of Jennie‘s iconic line, “How you like that?”

Watch Seohyun sing BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That” here: