6 Most Cringeworthy Pick-Up Lines We Learned From The “So Not Worth It” Cast’s Compliment Battle

Is this a “Compliment Battle” or a Cringe off?

Some of the cast of Netflix‘s So Not Worth It stopped by the Netflix Asia YouTube channel to challenge each other in the channel’s Compliment Battle.

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What was meant to be sweet compliments to each other quickly turned into a battle for who could deliver the corniest pick-up line and the cringe ensued.

Youngjae (Left), Park Se Wan (Center Left), Shin Hyun Seung (Center Right), & Han Hyun Min (Right)

Here are 6 of the best “compliments” the cast attempted to dole out:

1. “A wall between you and me…” -Han Hyun Min

Han Hyun Min started the compliment battle by setting the bar high. He turned to his co-star Shin Hyun Seung and gently touched his shoulder before speaking.

“Hyun-seung, I feel like there’s a wall between you and me -a wall of your perfection.”

After that was said, Hyun Seung began the cringe festival by thanking Hyun Min who immediately turned told him not to do that.

“Thank you.” “Please don’t say thank you.”

2. “It felt like a morning…” -Shin Hyun Seung

As the compliment battle involved moving down the line of seats, it was Shin Hyun Seung’s turn to address Park Se Wan who was still looking away after that awkward “thank you”. “Please look at me,” he said before delivering what felt even less like a compliment and more like a pick-up line.

“When I was shooting with you in the evening, it felt like a morning -because your beauty shone so brightly.”

Se Wan responded in a way that no one would ever want to hear after delivering such a pick-up line. She gave an uncomfortable “okay” before giving a half-hearted finger gun. Even GOT7‘s Youngjae couldn’t hold in his physical (and audible) cringe.


3. “Your eyes are so clear…” -Park Se Wan

The air in the room was only getting cringier. Se Wan turned to Youngjae and delivered this classic pick-up line:

“Wow, Young-jae, your eyes are so clear I can see myself reflected in your eyes.”

She then added her own personal twist (as well as another set of double finger guns).

“Your eyes show how pure you are, Young-jae.”

After this the physical cringes started to get bigger amongst the cast.

4. “I can’t think of anything…” -Youngjae

When it was time for Youngjae to start, it appeared as if he had no idea what to say.

“I can’t think of anything.” 

It turns out, this was his disarming strategy to set up Se Wan for his masterful pick-up line. After a quick assist from Hyun Min, Youngjae continued with what was one of the most powerful lines of the day.

“You can’t think of anything even when you’re looking at Se-wan? You seriously can’t think of anything?” “I really can’t.” 
“I really can’t think of anything. I really can’t. You’re so pretty you make me go blank.” 

After Youngjae’s smooth delivery, an explosion of excitement and cringe went off in the studio with the entire cast splintering in different directions. Talk about powerful words!

5. “If I were to compare you to a musical note…” -Han Hyun Min

In what was almost a face off of champions, Han Hyun Min now had to compliment Youngjae. To give them space, Se Wan and Hyun Seung turned in their chairs.

“Should we turn away for you two?” 

With just the two of them facing each other, Hyun Min began his best compliment/pick-up line yet. He used his knowledge of Youngjae’s musical background to his advantage and really personalized his message (although his set up left Youngjae a bit confused).

“Young-jae, if I were to compare you to a musical note, you’d be a ‘D’.” “Why?” 

He then ended his line with a clever alphabetical punch.

“Because you’re ‘E’-xcessively amazing and I ‘C’-riously admire you.” 

As with all good lines, this sent the room into a cringey “spin” with Se Wan wondering how Hyun Min comes up with these lines.

“Seriously, how do you come up with something like that?” 

6.”I love that you’re so tall…” -Youngjae

Youngjae, however, proved his skill when ending the battle. He also used a personal fact about Hyun Min when starting his line.

“I love that you’re so tall, Hyun-min.” “Why?” 

He then delivered a surprise “dad joke” which took the whole group by storm.

“Because the whole world looks up to you.” 

This ending made Youngjae the overall winner of the Compliment Battle.

“Let’s choose who did the best on the count of three -One, two, three!” “He is unbeatable.” 

We love seeing this cast show off their adorable chemistry. To see the whole battle check out the video below and let us know which of these compliments was your favorite!

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