22 Amazing Solo Rap Tracks From K-Pop Idols You Need To Listen To Right Now

These idols are spitting fire!

Almost every single K-Pop group is split into vocal lines and rap lines. Both the rap and vocal lines have the chance to shine with their unique talents but on occasion, idols from the rap line will branch out into solo work. Their work is so amazing but sometimes overlooked. Here are some rap tracks in no particular order that every K-Pop fan needs to listen to at least once. You won’t be disappointed!


1. CL — “Hello Bitches”

Before 2NE1 disbanded, CL put out this feisty track that is guaranteed to make you feel like a total boss! Pretty much every K-Pop fan has heard this song but it never gets old!


2. G-Dragon (BIGBANG) — “Crayon”

You also can’t go wrong with any of G-Dragon‘s solo works but one of his most iconic is “Crayon”. Not only is the music video a complete masterpiece but the track has some crazy iconic lyrics and is just popping!


3. Moonbyul (MAMAMOO) —  “Selfish”

If a rap track could have a summertime vibe then “Selfish” is it! Even if you’re not really into a heavy hip-hop feel, Moonbyul has you covered. Add in some of Red Velvet Seulgi‘s sweet vocals and you’ve got yourself a great track.


4. Agust D (BTS’s Suga) — “give it to me”

Agust D is never afraid to spit fire and all of his tracks from his same-named album are pure heat. While most people go for his “Agust D” track, “give it to me” is definitely worth a listen. It’s a pretty amazing song and will make you feel like a total badass.


5. Jimin (AOA) — “Hey”

If you aren’t familiar with Jimin‘s solo work, you need to get acquainted right now! A little bit of singing with a whole lot of Jimin’s signature rapping skills and you’ve got this masterpiece!


6. Bobby (iKON) — “HOLUP!”

An undeniably catchy beat mixed with some trippy video footage and Bobby‘s signature rap style create this unforgettable song!


7. Yezi (former FIESTAR member) — “Anck Su Namum”

You’ve got mummies, sharp raps, and an addictive beat in Yezi‘s “Anck Su Namum”. It’s a hard-core song that Yezi produced herself and her talents really shine. It’s really a song that shouldn’t be missed.


8. RM (BTS) — “Joke”

RM shows just how fast he can spit flows in “Joke” and the results are just amazing! RM’s got a totally different style than Agust D but it’s equally just as firey and fierce. If you’ve somehow missed his mixtape, you definitely need to go back and give it a listen.


9. ZICO (Block B) — “Artist”

Zico is actually one of the few idol rappers who gets major recognition for their solo work. He can cover some of the heavier more hip-hop feeling tracks while also pulling off the more light ones. In the case of “Artist”, it’s a track that you could totally dance to!


10. EXY (Cosmic Girls) — “Love Therapy”

EXY teamed up with Euna Kim to create this head bopping song. The beat, vocals, and rap mix together in a perfect way. It just might become your new favorite tune.



“DOOM DADA” is probably best known for its really strange music video but the song itself is so intense that we think everyone should give it a listen. There’s just something about it that makes you want to listen over and over again. We got to hand it to T.O.P for creating such a hit.


12. Hyuna — “Cause I’m God Girl”

Jiyoon and Hyuna are the only members of 4MINUTE continued working in the music industry after the group disbanded. And boy did Hyuna bless us with some absolutely great tracks! Really, you should listen to all of her music starting with the one above.


13. Ravi (VIXX) — “BOMB”

Ravi might have faced a bit of a setback when he first released the MV for this song, but after a bit of tweaking everything was back on track. But “BOMB” isn’t just about the music video because the song is honestly bomb! It’s intense, catchy, and so so addictive.


14. J-Hope (BTS) — “Airplane”

The latest mixtape to drop from the BTS rap line, J-Hope‘s mixtape is so vastly different from his other members’ but at the same time just so J-Hope. His tracks will make just make you feel so good.


15. I.M (MONSTA X) — “Fly With Me”

MONSTA X‘s maknae released this song with a heavy bass beat and a unique sound. Add some lyrics that anybody can rap to, and you’ve got yourself a very playable track that you’ll want to listen to all day.


16. LE (EXID) — “Velvet”

Some lucky people got to hear LE perform this song live at KCON 2018 and we can’t help but be a little jealous. With one listen you’ll totally fall in love with LE and her unique rap style.


17. Yongguk (B.A.P) — “Yamazaki”

While the music video for this song is a little bit disturbing, the song itself should be on everyone’s “badass” playlist. Everything about this song will just hit you so hard. It’s a definite must listen!


18. Mino (WINNER) — “I’m Him”

Mino‘s solo track is so listenable and the music video is like a work of art. Together it’s a masterpiece that you won’t be able to stop playing!


19. Ilhoon (BTOB) — “She’s Gone”

Ilhoon‘s got a completely different style of rapping that at times is almost like singing but then he can turn it back around into a sick beat. “She’s Gone” is one of his catchiest songs that has a bit of a rock type vibe to it.


20. Jackson (GOT7) — “Okay”

It hasn’t been all that long that Jackson has started releasing some solo work but can we just take a moment to appreciate how good it is! And “Okay” is just one of those really good songs.


21. Jooheon (MONSTA X) — “Rhythm”

Jooheon‘s “Rhythm” starts off with a bit of an old-school feel but soon turns into something that can only be described as pure Jooheon. He’ll impress you with his fast rapping skills and you won’t be able to get this song out of your head.


22. Junhyung (HIGHLIGHT) — “Flower”

This is another head bobbing track that mixes Junhyung‘s vocals with his rap skills. If you’re not that into rap, this song would be a good one for you while still giving enough rap for those who love it. And if you’ve never listened to it, you need to stat!