“Vincenzo” Actor Song Joong Ki Created An Idol Group From His K-Drama Characters, And Here Is The Final Lineup

Will this new group be as big as BTS or SHINee?

Over the years, Song Joong Ki has played some iconic roles in K-Dramas and movies, showcasing his diversity as an actor. In a video for the historydnc YouTube channel, Song Joong Ki had to decide which positions his characters would have in an idol group.

Actor Song Joong Ki | historydnc/YouTube

After a lot of thought, here is a look at Song Joong Ki’s final choices for his newest idol group.

1. Leader – King Sejong the Great (Deep Rooted Tree)

There is no role more suited to a K-Pop leader role than a King! As a natural-born leader, there is no denying that King Sejong the Great would cope well with the pressures of the industry. Song Joong Ki even thought that any music show CEO would bow down to him because of his presence.

| historydnc/YouTube

2. Real Leader – Vincenzo (Vincenzo)

Although King Sejong has the role of idol leader, it seems as if Vincezo would hold the real power in this group! Along with his natural ability to attract people, Song Joong Ki explains that he is a person who doesn’t brag and is considerate considering his tough image.

| historydnc/YouTube

3. Visual – Gu Yong Ha (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)

Song Joong Ki first tried to eliminate those who definitely wouldn’t fit this role and eventually chose his 2010 character Gu Yong Ha from Sungkyunkwan Scandal. With his boyish charms, he was right in explaining that this character would be the model for many worldwide brands and star in many advertisements due to his looks.

| historydnc/YouTube

4. Maknae – Chul Soo (A Werewolf Boy)

Of course, if you’re the maknae (youngest member), you have to be cute and loveable. Taking inspiration from SHINee‘s maknae Taemin, Song Joong Ki chose Chul Soo from A Werewolf Boy. With his cute looks and friendly charms, he would be the perfect part of an idol group.

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5. The Entertainer – Shi Jin (Descendants of The Sun)

When it came to choosing the “entertainer” of the group, it was slightly more challenging. In the end, Song Joong Ki picked his iconic Descendants of The Sun character Shi Jin. With his cheesiness and charisma, Song Joong Ki sees Shi Jin as the perfect person to be an MC.

| historydnc/YouTube

6. Main Vocalist – Kang Ma Ru (The Innocent Man)

Although reluctant to pick the main vocalist, Song Joong Ki eventually picked The Innocent Man character Kang Ma Ru for this role. The main reason was that he thought main vocalists are the best at attracting attention, which Ka Ma Ru would love.

| historydnc/YouTube

7. Shy Member – Saya (Athdal Chronicles)

After actually making the final cut, Song Joong Ki explained that Saya from Athdal Chronicles would be the member who prefers alone time. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, meditating, and going to the library. Because of this aloofness, Saya isn’t as close to the members. Yet, he would try any method to connect to his members.

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