10+ Ultra-Relatable Netizen Reactions To The Marriage Announcement Of Song Joong Ki And Katy Louise Saunders


Vincenzo star Song Joong Ki announced on January 30 that he has married actress Katy Louise Saunders and is expecting a child with her. Netizens took to Twitter to comment their surprise at the news in various ways.

Check out examples of this below!

1. First up, when fans were shook upon hearing the news

2. When it was “fall off the bed” surprising

3. When the timeline of the couple’s relationship circulated online

One fan commented, “[Katy was] pregnant since January and Song Joong Ki is the dad????”

4. When all eyes were on Katy Louise Saunders

5. When they were tearing up in joy for their favorite actor

6. When Song Joong Ki and Katy Louise Saunders looked sweet together

7. When the announcement made netizens emotional

8. When they were again shocked that Song Joong Ki is now a father

9. When it was a lot of surprises to handle at once

10. When they noted that his character in the movie Space Sweepers showed how he’d be as a loving father

11. When Song Joong Ki’s close relationship with his nephew was highlighted

12. When the fact that he would be a great dad was widely agreed upon

13. And when the congratulations for the happy couple came pouring in

Read more about their relationship below!

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