10 Moments Song Joong Ki Looked Too Sexy To Be Real In GQ Korea’s “Cover Story”

He’s the perfect model.

Song Joong Ki‘s primary profession maybe acting, but he can pass as a model any day! He was chosen as the cover star for the June 2021 issue of GQ Korea. Here, he wore clothes from luxury fashion brand Dior, and he took everyone’s breath away in just 41 seconds.

Don’t believe us? Check out some instances where he was too sexy to be real below!

1. Pouty

His scrunched up face is everything.

2. Serious

Seriously sexy, that’s what he is!

3. Chill

Can you imagine Song Joong Ki chilling on your couch? It’s free to dream.

4. Gorgeous

His visuals are unreal!

5. Charismatic

Don’t let his baby face fool you—cool concepts are a breeze for him.

6. Melancholic

Melancholic Song Joong Ki set the mood for some memorable shots.

7. Sunglasses

Leather jacket? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Heart-stopping moves? Check!

8. Natural

He’s total boyfriend material.

9. Wide-eyed

His expressions were perfect.

10. Sexy

We can never get enough.

If only the video never ended! To get the full experience, check out the full cover story below!

Source: YouTube