Only 5 Songs Have Achieved A Perfect All-Kill In 2023 So Far

These five songs dominated the first half of 2023, and they’re all from girl groups!

Securing a “Perfect All-Kill” in the world of South Korean music is a remarkable achievement, symbolizing a song’s dominance across all major charts. This feat occurs when a song reaches the top spot on the real-time, daily, and weekly charts of iChart, a renowned music chart aggregator by Instiz Corporation that amalgamates the data from the biggest music streaming services in South Korea.

As we approach the second half of 2023, only five songs have managed to conquer this notable milestone.

IVE | @IVE_twt/Twitter

1. NewJeans’ “Ditto”

“Ditto,” released on December 19, 2022, was a dazzling comeback from the rising girl group NewJeans. The song achieved its perfect all-kill in January, proving its longevity. It also rocketed to the top of the Circle Digital Chart, staying there for an unprecedented thirteen weeks and setting a record as the longest-running No. 1 song on the chart.

“Ditto” garnered plenty of international success, hitting number one in Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Indonesia, as well as breaking into the top 10 on the Billboard Global 200 chart.

2. IVE’s “Kitsch”

Unveiled on March 27, 2023, as a pre-release single from their first studio album, “Kitsch” by IVE made an impressive mark on the South Korean music scene by achieving a perfect all-kill. The song’s infectious basslines, bouncing sounds, and catchy lyrics resonated with fans and critics alike, solidifying its place on the charts.

3. IVE’s “I AM”

IVE’s magic continued with “I AM,” the lead single from their debut studio album. Released on April 10, 2023, the track debuted at number two on the Circle Digital Chart but quickly ascended to the top spot, solidifying IVE’s position in the South Korean music industry.

4. (G)I-DLE’s “Queencard”

(G)I-DLE set the charts ablaze with “Queencard,” released on May 15, 2023. The song, which serves as the lead single from the group’s 6th mini album, clinched the top spot on the Circle Chart, leading to a perfect all-kill. With its empowering message of self-acceptance and beauty in self-confidence, “Queencard” also achieved international acclaim, landing in the top 10 on Billboard’s Hits of the World charts in multiple countries.

5. NewJeans’ “Super Shy”

Returning to the scene with “Super Shy” on July 7, 2023, NewJeans secured another perfect all-kill. The song, a heart-warming narrative of first love, resonated with audiences globally, charting in South Korea, Japan, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

These five songs have certainly set a high standard in 2023, achieving a perfect all-kill and highlighting the vibrant and dynamic nature of the South Korean music industry. As K-pop continues to dominate global charts, fans and music enthusiasts around the world eagerly await the rest of the year’s releases.