10+ Songs K-Pop Fans Want To See Red Velvet Perform At New Concert “R to V”

Many of these tracks have never been performed live.

Fans from all over the world have been waiting for Red Velvet to grace the concert stage this year. As it had been three whole years since the group’s last concert, La Rouge, whose tour was cut short due to COVID-19, ReVeluvs went wild after the announcement for Red Velvet’s fourth concert, R to V, dropped earlier this month.

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Tickets for both days at the KSPO Dome were quickly sold out proving the incredible demand the girl group continues to have in their 8th year since debut. But which songs do these eager fans want to see the Red Velvet members entertain them with? Here are the 11 incredible tracks that everyone wants to see on the setlist.

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1. “On a Ride”

One of the group’s most recent b-sides, “On A Ride” was released as part of Red Velvet’s The Reve Festival 2022: Birthday mini album.

2. “Knock On Wood”

The track became a fan-favorite b-side soon after the release of Red Velvet’s Queendom mini-album.

3. “So Good”

This track has been one of the most known Red Velvet b-sides ever since its release with the group’s RBB mini album.

4. “Beg For Me”

Hearing “Beg For Me” live would certainly be an unforgettable experience!

5. “In & Out”

One of the two tracks that accompanied the group’s smash hit single “Psycho” as part of their The Reve Festival Finale repackage, remains one of the most loved b-sides by ReVeluvs.

6. “Time Slip”

Though it’s been seven years since the song was released, Red Velvet has never performed it live, though it seems ReVeluvs will never give up the dream to witness its performance.

7. “Dumb Dumb”

The tasking energetic performance has, understandably, not been part of Red Velvet’s last few festival appearances, despite this fans still hope they will witness a “Dumb Dumb” stage again.

8. “Better Be”

Another iconic b-side from Queendom, fans are hoping to hear the girls’ incredible vocals do justice to this amazing track live on April 1 and 2.

9.  “Eyes Locked, Hands Locked”

We’re not sure if anything can be better than hearing Red Velvet’s sweet and fantastic vocals offer an incredible performance of this track.

10. “You Better Know”

Fans are hoping for the feel-good track, which is usually part of the group’s setlists, to make a comeback, as a “You Better Know” stage will always guarantee a good time.

11. “Body Talk”

Being a group that excels in creating full bodies of work with amazing b-sides that accompany their hit title tracks, Red Velvet’s discography is full of fan-favorite b-sides. “Body Talk” is one of them, however, it has unfortunately never been performed live by the group.

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