7 Songs To Make You Feel Extra Loved By Your Favorite Idols On Valentine’s Day

These songs will make you feel special and loved.

K-Pop idols usually have a special song for their fans to make them feel loved and special. These songs are called “fan songs” because they are songs that deliver messages from the idols to their fans only.

Here are 8 fan songs from your favorite idols you can listen to to make you feel extra loved on Valentine’s Day!

1. Cosmic Girls – “Ujung”

Cosmic Girls‘ “Ujung” is a fan song about loving each other despite not being able to meet often. It was released as the last track of their WJ Stay? album.

2. TWICE – “One in a Million”

Titled after TWICE‘s group introduction, “One in a Million” is a fan song that delivers the message that their fans are special, and that they will carry the burden their fans are carrying with them.

3. SEVENTEEN – “Campfire”

SEVENTEEN‘s “Campfire” is a fan song about being there for each other, being each others’ strength, and making good memories together that both SEVENTEEN and Carats can remember together in the future. “Campfire” was released in their Teen, age album.

4. ASTRO – “You and Me”

“You and Me” by ASTRO was released as part of their Winter Dream album, where they tell fans that they should cherish every moment they spend together, and that they will be together for a long time.

5. MONSTA X – “I’ll Be There”

“I’ll Be There” by MONSTA X is a song that delivers a sweet but simple message that they will be there for their Monbebes no matter what, and that they will walk together brightly.

6. Red Velvet – “Cause it’s you”

Red Velvet released “Cause it’s you” as part of their Japanese album, Cookie Jar. The song delivers the message that every memory they make with Reveluvs are precious and that they will think of Reveluvs on days when they are sad.

7. Stray Kids – “You Can Stay”

“You Can Stay” by Stray Kids is a song about Stray Kids feeling thankful for their fans for being someone they can lean on, and at that at the same time their fans can stay with them as well when they are down.