SOPE Moments That Prove This Is Their World And We’re Just Living In It

What are some of your favorite SOPE moments?

Need a pick-me-up? The iconic SOPE duo have got your back. There are literally countless precious moments between J-Hope and Suga, whether it be from Run BTS! episodes or just daily life, but here are a few moments of SOPE being in their own world to start you off:

Voluntary hand-holding

When they had to play badminton with their hands tied for Run BTS! but they just decided to hold hands.

| Moon/Picsart

All bark no bite

They squabble like an old married couple: always picking on each other with empty threats.

Never-ending compliments

The way they always compliment each other at any time is just so heartwarming and cute!

| jcngkooks/Tumblr
| jcngkooks/Tumblr

Matching stage outfits

Nothing screams best friend energy quite like matching stage outfits.

| @glosshands/Twitter

This jaw-dropping dance break

The talent. *chefs kiss*

Endless compliments part 2

It’s obvious they’re each others bias.

| j-sope/Tumblr 
| j-sope/Tumblr 

Declarations of love

All they have to do is breath and the other will be fawning over them. Honestly, relatable.

| lifegoesmon/Tumblr 

Their cute gesture in Boy With Luv

I have nothing to say besides uwu.