These Are The Spotify Most Streamed Korean Hip-Hop And R&B Tracks Of 2020

Did you stream any of these chill vibes?

Spotify releases a #SpotifyWrapped list at the end of every year and this year, they’ve given out the lists for specific Korean categories. Below are the R&B and Hip-Hop tracks that were streamed the most during 2020.

R&B Tracks:

10. “WINE” by SURAN (Ft. Changmo) (Prod. SUGA)

| Million Market

9. “Make Up” by Sam Kim with Crush

| Amazon

8. “Yours” by Raiden and Chanyeol with LeeHi and Changmo

| Genius

7. “D (Half Moon)” by DEAN with Gaeko

DEAN - D (Half Moon) (feat. Gaeko) Lyrics » Color Coded Lyrics | Lyrics at CCL
| Universal Music Group

6. “All I Wanna Do” by Jay Park with Hoody and Loco

| Genius

5. “HOLO” by LeeHi


| Genius

4. “We don’t talk together” by HEIZE with GIRIBOY

We Don't Talk Together | Kpop Wiki | Fandom
| Stone Entertainment

3. “UN Village” by Baekhyun

SM Entertainment
| SM Entertainment

2. “instagram” by DEAN

| Amazon

1. “Candy” by Baekhyun

Song Review: Baekhyun (EXO) – Candy | The Bias List // K-Pop Reviews & Discussion
| The Bias List


Hip-Hop Tracks:

10. “Strange” by Agust D with RM

Genius English Translations – Agust D - 이상하지않은가 (Strange) ft. RM (English Translation) Lyrics | Genius Lyrics
| Genius

9. “moonchild” by RM

RM 'moonchild' Lyric Video - YouTube
| Big Hit Labels/YouTube

8. “What do you think?” by Agust D

| Somag News

7. “Burn It” by Agust D with MAX

Agust D and Max premiere the acoustic version of Burn It, their collaboration - Somag News
| Somag News

6. “Daydream” by J-Hope

Genius English Translations – J-Hope - Daydream (백일몽) (English Translation) Lyrics | Genius Lyrics
| Genius

5. “People” by Agust D

On Agust D's "D-2," Suga of BTS Takes on Fame and the Anxiety of Being Alive | Teen Vogue
| Teen Vogue

4. “NUNU NANA” by Jessi

| The Bias List

3. “seoul” by RM (Prod. HONNE)

RM 'seoul (prod. HONNE)' Lyric Video - YouTube
| Big Hit Labels/YouTube

2. “Daechwita” by Agust D

| Big Hit Labels

1. “Any song” by ZICO

| 1theK/YouTube