10 “Squid Game” Mistakes And Continuity Errors You Might Not Have Noticed

Did you spot them all?

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Even the most well-crafted shows like Squid Game can have tiny mistakes. Check out these errors you might not have spotted the first time around!

1. The many faces of Player 88

Throughout the series, different extras played some of the same players in the games. A good example of this is Player 88, who went through at least three casting changes!

| @yyapasdepaneau/Twitter & Netflix
| @yyapasdepaneau/Twitter & Netflix
| @yyapasdepaneau/Twitter & Netflix 

2. The fate of Player 61

Player 61 was eliminated in the honeycomb challenge…

| Netflix 

…but what about the other Player 61?

| Netflix

3. Player 17, the glassmaker and…time traveler?

Eagle-eyed fans found a glaring error in Player 17’s profile. According to this, he was born in 1897, making him 124 years old. No wonder he decided to participate in the games; after living for so long, life must have been boring!

| Netflix

4. Top…what?

The game makers have successfully held death games for decades…but their record-keeping could use some work.

| Netflix

5. This false advertising

For the honeycomb game, players had to carve out one of these four shapes. The umbrella was already the most difficult shape…

| Netflix

…but a tiny change made it even more challenging!

| Netflix
| Netflix

6. Gi Hun’s mysterious downgrade

At the end of the show, tech-savvy fans noticed that Gi Hun went from holding a Samsung S7 at the station…

| Netflix

…to talking on a Samsung S3 at the airport.

Lee Jung Jae as Gi Hun | Netflix

7. Not hungry?

As this fan pointed out, Gi Hun ate nothing air in one Squid Game scene.

8. The real phone number

The production crew made the mistake of including a real phone number in the fictional world of Squid Game. At first, Netflix did not intend to remove the number, but after the owner of the phone was plagued with calls, things changed. The network pledged to edit the number out of the show.


9. Jun Ho’s magical phone

How did Jun Ho’s phone still have battery power after days of being used without a charger?

Wi Ha Joon as Jun Ho | Netflix

Perhaps Season 2 will answer this burning question and more!

| Netflix

10. Player 331

Likes Player 88 and Player 61, Player 331 changed actors throughout the series.

| Netflix

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