Here Are The Stages Of Falling For A K-Pop Group That Almost Any K-Pop Fan Has Experienced

There’s no getting out of the K-Pop hole.

K-Pop fans all can have different experiences of how they became a fan, some more complex than others. Here are 6 stages of falling for a K-Pop group that almost all K-Pop fans have experienced.

1. Just checking out a group

This stage is the initial one where you just check out a group due to interest, or you just managed to hear their song on an occasion. The song you’ll most likely hear is the group’s newest release.

2. Listening to a couple more songs

After hearing one song, if you start to like it, then you’ll most likely start listening to the group’s other discography, such as B-sides, or title tracks from other albums.

3. Trying to differentiate the members

After you’re hooked on the group’s music, you then start trying to memorize the member’s name and thinking of certain characteristics that’ll make it easy to tell them apart.

4. Watching the groups variety shows

Once you know a bit about the members and listened to a lot of their songs, you’ll then get curious about what the group’s personality is like. Variety shows are great with helping show the members humorous side and could also assist in seeing if you remember the members’ names.

5. History

After watching a bunch of their variety shows, listening to their music, and getting to know the members a little bit, you’ll start looking at the history of the group, such as how they were formed, training time for each member, how they were scouted, pre-debut stuff, etc.

6. You’re now an official stan

After all these steps, you’re now an official stan of this group and start following a lot of what they do, such as whenever they post on social media, comeback rumors, searching for more information, etc.